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Our clients choose the artificial stone to implement their wonderful ideas since it is hard to imagine any other material which could serve better in realizing the most daring projects. The artificial stone can be perfectly combined with various materials creating a unique interior in any possible style, also combining it, if necessary, with the wood, ceramics, glass, natural stone or stainless steel.

Artificial stone is constantly developing and continues to inspire. Choose the modern texture and colour from the wide assortment. Artificial stone surfaces can be found everywhere. These surfaces are chosen by architects and designers and used in medicine and food industry, hotel industry, business centers, schools and, of course, in living spaces.

Properties of the material

What is the artificial stone?

Artificial stone is a solid, non-porous, homogeneous surfacing material composed of ± 1/3 acrylic resin and ± 2/3 natural minerals.


Does not stratify and is and is resistant to everyday wear.

Invisible connections

Material processing technologies for major projects allow creating seamless connections.


Does not have pores and gaps and therefore, it is resistant to formation of dirt and spots.

Easy to restore

The surfaces are easy to restore and does not lose their original appearance for decades.

Possibilities of artificial stone

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