Corian Design

For a number of years now the Corian® Design business has been developing fantastic new asthetics for Corian® including veining and particles.
DuPont unique technology has enabled these new aesthetics to have a dramatic effect on design in both residential and commercial applications, around the world.
Corian® Design research and development team has recently brought a new dimension to these products with the use of light.
Mūsu Corian® dizaina pētniecības un izstrādes komanda nesen radījusi jaunu dimensiju šiem produktiem, izmantojot gaismu.
With varying levels of backlighting, these fascinating types of Corian® Solid Surface dramatically expand their expressive potential, their sensorial qualities, helping to enhance the beauty and the appeal of interior design projects.

Please watch these videos to get an insight how these Corian surfaces interact with light.